Quick update
1/10/05 6:09pm
It's been a while since my last update, and i promise i will update again soon. I just added a new Affiliate/Fanlisting.


 New Subsite
21/07/05 4:36pm
Got something new for everyone. If you haven't already checked out The Veronicas, you really should. I've made a fanlisting for their first single. It's extremely catchy, and i really appriciate songs that stick in my head. But it's pretty hard to do that when it comes to me. So Kudo's to Lisa and Jessica, for wonderful music, and really making it, i knew you always would.


 New Section
19/07/05 10:28pm
I've added a special new section to the sidebar called "artist of the moment". So If your a band/artist/musician, Just send me an
Email with your details, and see what happens!

Plus if you want to be linked/an affiliate, you should also Email me your link and details so you can be added.


 Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...
19/07/05 2:00am
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,
Jay and Silent Bob are in the Hiz-ouseee!
watched Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back today obviously. Good movie. Man Kevin Smith did well with his wife. go him!

My thought's go out to Ada today, love you girl! I really hope everything goes well for you. *mwah*
Everyone should check out her Hanfic site, It's awesome. Stay Dreaming

On another note, had a nice day today, slept in for the first time in a while, Watched some movies and went over Michael's mum's place for dinner and a chat. Ended up braiding his brothers hair which took house, My hands kill now but it was definately fun. Well thats about it for now


 A few random, small pictures.
17/07/05 10:23pm
I just wanted to post a few small pictures that made me smile. Trash is the best. Just some pictures of him with his friends being silly, well being themselves really.

p.s remember, visit these sites!
Kevin Smith
The Veronicas


 Very quick/small update
17/07/05 1:43am
I updated the Info/About Section. A bit of new info, updated picture and so on. check it out;) p.s remember, visit these sites!

Kevin Smith
The Veronicas


 Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...
16/07/05 8:55pm
Finally i finished uploading all the pictures and stuff. So i've added, Pictures of me, Pictures of my friends and Pictures of People i've met. Hope everyone likes them, i know i do. Today has been really uneventful besides the updates on the website i've been doing. Hopefully over the next few weeks i'll have some new versions of some old songs to put up. right now my older stuff can be found at myspace.

You can also Check out The Veronica's on myspace as well.

Also over the the past week or so, I've been watching alot of Kevin Smiths movies (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob strikes back and Jersey girl). I've become just so addicted to his movies, as well as his nerdy/up front humor. I love it. anyone who hasn't seen any of those movies, should definately go and see them. they rock my socks.

On a musical note, I've been listening alot to bands like Lacuna Coil, Placebo Marilyn Manson and HIM lately. Which is definately a far cry from my past musical tastes, but that doesn't mean shit really. I love those bands, and lately they've been a pretty big influence on me. If you are into that type of music i totally recommend any of the above.

I think that pretty much wraps things up for today.


 Just a few things
16/07/05 2:10pm
General News
I was looking around google yesterday trying to find out how to contact some old friends of mine, And i stumbled across their new artist website. They ended up moving to america and are going to be having their own reality type tv show AND are also releasing an album hopefully this year. I'm completely blown away at how great they are and so happy for them, because they REALLY deserved more attention than they were getting before.If anyone wants to check them out, go to www.theveronicas.com

Website News
I Archived the past posts i've made over the last year, so if you want to see past posts, just click the June 2004 - July 2005 Link in the right navigation bar.
Also i'm currently going to add new pages and links to the site. I thought it was about time i added some more content and just generally re-vamped a few things.


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